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The iHorseTrainer

"iPocketGuide & DVD"


 8 Videos designed to teach ground exercises called “Bridle Work” (a John Lyons method) Bridle Work will help you teach your horse 8 essential cues from the ground that are needed to ride a horse under saddle. It will prepare you and your horse for maneuvers under saddle like leg yields, shoulder-in and half passes. Bridle work is a prerequisite to the ” iHorseRider “ training series which takes you from the first ride to advanced training techniques. Learn more

Does your ground work connect and bridge into your riding skills?

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"iPocket Guide & DVD"

 Lesson I The Foundation is the first book of a series of adaptations taken from the iHorseRider, iPhone applications. It was especially developed for those technically challenged individuals who like the concept of taking the trainer right to the arena. The book includes 12 in depth exercises that take the rider through the first ride to the start of collection, gaining control of shoulders, haunches, forward and stopping. Learn more

More education opportunities

Bridle Work Cue 2

Here is a good example of "Bridle Work"! This is the "CORE" component to regaining your confidence with horses. There are 8 essential cues that directly transfer to riding under saddle that you can teach right from the ground. We have iPhone apps or if you do not have a smart phone you may purchase a DVD and Pocket Guide to take with you to the arena.

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